me-- with an explanation

explanation:  It has been weighing on my heart to make sure this post does not come across the wrong way.  Sometimes when we read something, especially be it in an email or blog post etc., something can be misunderstood not knowing the meaning behind the words.  This was my feeling behind this post, replying that God saved me.  The Lord saved me by His grace so that I now have the promise of a life with Him and His Holy Spirit now on this earth.  He saved me not from my family but from myself.  I am truly blessed and humbled that even though I did not grow up in a Christian home, I grew up in a loving home that had the hand of God all over it.  I can look back now and see His love notes to me all through the years of my youth, be it through Bible books in the doctor's office, book read to me at night, Christian friends He placed in my path and most importantly the love that was (and is) given to me by my family all of those years with an abundance of forgiveness to the selfish and ungrateful person I was.  

Our God is good forever and His mercies are new every morning...
In His love, 

Who I am in a nut shell...(what I posted on Bloom)...

I am mama to 4 precious sons and wife to an amazing man. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home and by the grace of our Heavenly Father, HE saved me. I have been a Christian for 10 years now, later baptized on Father’s Day of 2002, where I wept, chocking it up to pregnancy hormones, but now knowing it was my spirit that wept for the joy of coming to Him. He is good! So here I am, living daily, only by His grace and His strength, trying to learn who He created me to be, learning to live with forgiveness and healing of the past and to love the Lord with my whole heart, that I might show that same love to the precious family He has blessed me with. God is so good, all the time! ....


i love that you are now my little
sister! :)

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