2 Must reads...to begin this new year fresh in Him...

1.) article on how many books he has read...you'll be surprised!
(I linked to this article also from Ann@a holy experience, January 3)

2.) One of my favorite blogs-she encourages, shares and speaks what He has placed on her heart...a mama of 6, humbling trying to make it through the day, loving her husband, family, schooling...all on His strength! This post speaks of our morning day with the Lord (so helpful to me!)

May your day be fresh and new in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ...for our days are numbered, and so are the ones of our loved ones...and others.

May HIS blessing be upon you!


Lori :) said…
I loved the second one! I may have to read a few more of her posts - especially how to get up early! ugh. I know I need to do it . . . but first I need to start getting to bed earlier. :)

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