Saturday, March 29, 2008


"You have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God."-1 Peter 1:23 NIV

How beautiful and amazing our Lord is...we mourn the crucifixion of our Lord and savior, Jesus...we praise with joyful and humble hearts His resurrection and our most precious gift of salvation...and then I look...I look at my physical surroundings.

A ground frozen, covered with snow. A sky still, sounding only of the chilled wind. Trees bare, branches swaying back and forth, resting, quiet. A season that brought an end to vibrant greens, a brilliant array of colors, sweet sounds of the free flying and roaming creatures. A winter that brought an end to the budding trees, an end to the lingering scent of the front porch roses, a winter that covered the green earth. A season that to some things has brought a final end.

But this season of winter, with its harsh and chilled winds did not bring an end to all. For these trees, flowers, animals, birds have quietly rested. And now I see them...with God's perfect timing, after the celebration of His son, His resurrection, the vibrant green pushing through the earth, not held down by the snow or the frozen ground. Pushing through knowing it is time to wake. A new seedling, a new life blooming. The delicate pink flower blooming upon the hard, dark branches of the Cherry blossom tree, a sight breathtaking, showing the glory of its Creator, new life after the cold, after a rest, a hope of a farmer, a child, a mother, a Father fulfilled.

How amazing, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, a life that conquered death. A life given that we may have a new one. Our own hearts renewed by the Father, our hope brought to His life, and what do we see around us...Spring. A season God created, a season bringing forth new life, just as He has given us. How precious we don't have to wait for that new life, like the flowers and creatures have to wait for a season, we only have to ask and He offers it freely, filled with redeeming grace and mercy and unconditional love.

Spring is here. It may be a bit later for others, but it is here. We only have to look around to see God's hand, in the trees, in the fresh ground, in the chirping of the birds. It is a new season filled with precious and amazing, God's perfect timing...

Praying for you, to see Him through the seasons, and in the renewing only He brings to you through His son, Jesus Christ. God bless you with peace, strength, joy and the freshness of His Spirit.

"God we thank you; we thank you because you are near."-Psalm 75:1

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Terri said...

"to see Him through the seasons" ah yes.
Thank you Bree for always writing from your heart.

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