Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Studying His Word...

Three friends and I have started studying the Bible together online (being that we are in
WA, CA, VA and ME-almost the 4 corners!)

We've started with the minor prophets, reading a book (or two) a week and then taking turns posting on the book and all of us commenting. Can I just say what a blessing it has been! We've turned it into a blog (thanks Terri!) and kept it private for now so we're able to post prayer requests.

My desire for this has been to read the Bible completely through and accountability. But oh how much more I've gotten out of it. Reading the different thoughts and opinions from my friends have been such a blessing. And to read these Old Testament books and be able to discuss them instead of just reading it to meet the "goal" of reading the Bible-how awesome the Lord is to allow the opportunity to study His word.

I so encourage everyone to do this, be it online, in your home, hey even by phone (unless your like me and can't talk for short periods of time--not a good idea with children! :) or being part of a small group or other Bible study.

Sharing in the Lord's word with others and having that accountability is truly an encouragement and I pray something that will bring you closer in your walk with the Lord and in the calling He has upon your life and your family. Our heavenly Father didn't intend for us to live our lives without accountability and fellowship. This is something I finally learned after believing for so long that I didn't "need" church because it was man made, oh the lies of the enemy! A solid church with sound biblical doctrine, is a place to be fed, to feed and grow in the body of Christ, glorifying the Lord. I can say how my "family" has grown by huge numbers because of the special friends we've made through our churches. We are currently in a church that is going through much change but the Lord is there working greatly in hearts---so we persevere for His glory, knowing He brought us here for a reason, not for our glory we must remember, but for HIS. I desire for us to be in His will, wherever that may be:)

Bless you!

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