Thursday, September 4, 2008

1000 Gifts (21-30)

Happy Birthday my sweet six year old (yesterday). The Lord has placed a gift of compassion and joy in you that overflows my heart. Praying we will help guard and nurture these gifts from the Lord and that you would seek the Lord with all your heart, using these gifts He has placed in you for His glory. Praying for the Lord's protection and love over you always. We love you sweet boy! Thankful for you and your precious brothers and father:)

21. our women's breakfast
22. a tender prayer
23. a most precious hurting woman, feeling the Lord's tugging
24. the hope of her hearing, allowing, asking the Lord in...and what He'll pour out upon her
25. a new, brave face
26. the Lord's work and leading, His strength in my very apparent weakness, excitement of teaching His word...being refreshed by His grace
27. my little one's arm being okay (after jumping off a chair!)
28. a look of love and acceptance from an encouraging word (that encouraged me right back)
29. daddy's day better than he expected
30. a husband who loves the Lord and his family...

God bless you, praying you're seeing Him in the big and small things of everyday and situation.

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