Tuesday, November 18, 2008

rollercoaster days...

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post! The rollercoaster of life has been good, plenty of twists and turns, a couple of upside down loops!

An update- we are expecting number 4! Quite the surprise, as I've wanted to have another baby but had come to accept that that might not be in the Lord's plans:) But here we are, almost 5 years after our last sweet boy, 13 weeks pregnant, heard a precious heartbeat a couple weeks ago-good stuff:)

Secondly, our 2 oldest boys are back in public school. Oh, after much prayer and awesome confirmation from the Lord just in regards to my husband and I being on the same page in prayer, we made the choice to put them back in for now...and with His peace. The boys are loving it and we are continuing with learning at home. I'm still working at the YMCA 3 days a weeks and cleaning jobs have gone down to twice a month (yeah!) My hubby has been off for a week and has been organizing our house-WHAT A BLESSING! Bless his heart, he is doing something that is not in my nature, I'm really trying though! Praise the Lord for His grace!

We are currently enjoying precious time in our old home of Virginia. I must admit, I was expecting nice warm weather and how funny, I saw our first snow of the season HERE of all places! Now granted, they were flurries that melted before they hit the ground but it was still SNOW! Anyhow, enough of my complaining:) It is good to be here. I miss our family and friends here. I also miss our church here. Our current church is in a rebuilding phase with much needed healing and the Lord is working there. My hubby and I know that we're part of the church for a reason and we are grateful. The church has embraced us and made our move there a blessing. Now I believe it is our time to love on the church and serve as they have done for us. As the Lord keeps repeating to me, "it is not about you." Sometimes, it is hard to serve when you want to be fed and be comfortable. But we are being fed and us being stretched for His glory is a precious place to be. We could choose to serve or look to be served and miss out on His blessings. It is a blessing to serve, sometimes this is easily forgotten.

So, I choose to serve, for He is my strength and my comfort and joy. I will rejoice in Him!

Now, I shall enjoy the blessings of the rest of our sweet trip here. I'm so looking forward to some coffee with my sweet friend, Terri and our great trips to IHOP! Sarah, I'll tell the waiter who knew us too well (we had so many nights of sitting there after closing down Barnes and Noble at 11pm and then sitting in "our" IHOP and copying scripture down from our Bibles on little note cards for hours), a hello from Washington. :)

Praying all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving. There is so much to be grateful for. Most importantly the saving grace of our Heavenly Father through His son, Jesus Christ. There is hope and salvation through Him and only through Him. I am living proof of this. If He can love me, He can love anyone. The life I have, I don't deserve, but He has blessed me with it. I pray to find joy in all the moments and most importantly He is teaching me, "be content, I know what is best for you, I don't need your help, just your faithfulness." Oh, yes my dear Lord. Forgive me. I love you Lord-you're awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving!

God bless!

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Terri said...

love the new look!!!! Where's the new post? LOL

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