Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the false race...

I've had a good chuckle the past few days as it seems something the Lord has put on my heart, He confirms to me in a post done by one of my dear friends in her blog-don't ya love the way the Lord works!

So again this has happened, the Lord has revealed to me in the past couple days to enjoy the moment! I'm constantly trying to hurry (because I'm generally running late), to get this done, get in the car, get to school, get out of the car, get the laundry done, cook the meal, finish the dishes, pick up, cook another meal, do the dishes, clean up, baths (hopefully!), hurry get a story, get kiddos to bed, time with hubby, check the bank, bills, what did I forget, think about the undending list that I haven't even gotten to...sit and zone out for a minute, bed...and then start again, ALL of it, over again. The Lord showed me this race, this rush for a finish line that doesn't exist. I'm rushing through the book and not enjoying what it's about, trying to get to another book so I can get through the entire bookcase of books and when I finally get through all the books, what will I have to say about all the books...well, I read them all quickly so I could finish them but I didn't really enjoy any of them, maybe a few pages here and there, but that's it and all I have to show for it...an empty bookcase. Is this what I want to tell the Lord on the precious day I meet Him? I made it through all the days you gave me but I didn't really enjoy all that you had for me because I was rushing to the next day...and I missed your blessings in between.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. -Matthew 6:34
I am missing my days. I am running a race that doesn't exist. I am letting the enemy steal my joy in the little things, yes, even including the laundry, the meals, the dishes, oh, and the precious times of stories, bath time, tickle-time, prayers, tucking in...the filling of "love banks" with the love of Jesus (for all of us).
So today I say, no more! I shall enjoy every day You have given me, Lord (at least try my best ;0) ) I want to find joy in the little things, to treasure the days You have given me, for You have told me they are numbered. Lord, I want to be able to say, yes, through the trials and joys I saw you, Lord, and I tried my hardest to show Your love to others and to glorify you, Lord. For you are my strength, my rock and my everlasting, loving, precious Father and You pour out your grace upon me, not because I deserve it but simply because you love me. Father, please help to see you in the moments...and enjoy all you've blessed us with. I love you, Lord:)
Praying my friends, you too are enjoying the moments, finding joy in the things that aren't the most pleasant (like cleaning stinky potties-because, Praise the Lord, we have potties to clean and family to make them stinky!) May He be first in your life, make the time and commitment to Him, He surely does for us (I am so guilty of not doing this).
He gently reminds us that He is in control and how small we are when those things happen in life that completely knock our day out of whack. Thus the importance, He is teaching me, of putting Him first in my life, enjoying every moment, doing what needs to be done (for He has alloted the time to do it) and treasuring and storing up His Word in my heart, upon my lips and in my mind.
Yes, He is good ALL THE TIME...
God bless you and praying with you, as I pray you will with me also :)

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