Wednesday, August 19, 2009

time to clean..

I'm not posting anything exciting other than the fact...remember how excited I was when our school room was clean back long ago...(it is in the archives of this blog somewhere with pictures)...well, I can barely enter into the room now! We started cleaning out other areas of the house and this became the dumping room to "go through later" kind of room. So is time-please pray for me! :) I would very much like it to be a nursery, school room, playroom, guest room and craft room---is that possible?! All is well!

Have a blessed day-His mercies are new every morning and He gives us enough time to accomplish the things HE wants us to do. Praying we do HIS to-do list and not our own :)
God bless!

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Linda said...

I got our schoolroom/office/hangout/ room cleaned up from the summer dumping ground it had become just in time to move the desk out for the kittens that opened their eyes and started getting all over. I didn't want them chewing on the comp cords. I just found your blog by typing in google search- laying my children on the alter of grace- and have enjoyed reading it. Keep posting!

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