Monday, December 7, 2009

a love note to Father...

Oh, it has been so long since I've written.  The Lord is so gracious with His mighty plans for our lives.  I wait and watch, listen, trying to follow His will, seeking His way, praying to remember Him in every moment, the beginning and end of the day, the quiet times in the middle of the night with little one, the every moment.

My grace is sufficient for the thee.  Yes, Lord your grace is more than I could thank you for.  Your mercy is abundant, endless, abounding in love.  How precious you are to me dear Father.  You bless me more than I could know.  Thank you for showing me, thank you for allowing me to see.  Thank you for Your hand upon our lives, our every step, the laughter, the comfort, the courage, the peace, the provision.  You bless.

My God you are MIGHTY!  Thank you!  I look to You with hope and a joy of what is to come.  May we hear, may we follow, may we love, may we seek, may we shine for You. 

You are Holy, You are Mighty, You are Worthy!  May we bow at Your feet, remembering where we've come from and the saving grace of the blood shed on the cross for our sins, Jesus' life for ours.  His life paid for our sins, not because we  deserved it but because You first loved us.  Thank you for this precious life of Hope, our Hope is in You.

My love to you Papa...

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myletterstoemily said...

love your blog and the gorgeous photo!

mine is for young mothers if you care to visit.

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