Monday, July 12, 2010

mustard seed...

There is an amazing thing that happens when you allow the Lord to work in your heart...changes actually start to happen!  You see situations through different eyes, something you once fought you now enjoy.  Something or even someone you struggled with, you enjoy.  Why?  All because of the grace of a loving God.

I find myself enjoying my work, enjoying it with purpose.  I'm consistently telling my little ones, what we do we do it for the Lord, all things we should do with a joyful heart for the Lord.  How I catch myself not modeling that example though.  I see our little ones and the Lord gently convicts my heart, "is this your attitude they are modeling?"  Oh yes Lord, forgive me, help me....and He does.

So I gently ask for your forgiveness for my post (with the whiny moments) about the people from away.  Yes, I spoke about God's goodness and Him showing me my attitude even then, but it has been lingering on my heart about my attitude behind the entire situation.  But, this is me, I am human, flawed beyond measure, living and learning by the grace of a most awesome, mighty, powerful and wonderful Creator, our Heavenly Father.  His Holy Spirit gently convicts, teaching, comforting, growing me into the woman I desire to be for Him.

So dear friends He is good, let us praise His mighty name!

He loves us, forgives us and we accept that forgiveness with a grateful and humble heart, living not in fear or condemnation but in freedom and truth and an unconditional love through Jesus Christ.  What an amazing place to be!

May your day be amazing in Him!  Spend time every single day in His Word-yes, even 5 minutes, if your life or one of your loved ones life depended on it would you do it-faithfully committing to it?  Well dear ones, it really does.  He asks us for a mustard seed of faith, let us show our love for Him with a reverent and honoring heart...I am doing this right along side of you, let us pray for one another, encourage one another in our walk with Him.  There is no better place to be :)

Luke 13:18-20 (New International Version)

The Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast
 18Then Jesus asked, "What is the kingdom of God like? What shall I compare it to? 19It is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his garden. It grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air perched in its branches." 20Again he asked, "What shall I compare the kingdom of God to?

1 Samuel 12:24 (New International Version)

24 But be sure to fear the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.

God bless you friends,

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myletterstoemily said...

sweet bree,

i have missed your gentle, deep encouragement.
it seems you had visitors . . . too long?

that certainly can be a trial, which you seem to
have passed through as gold.

when you share of your admonishments to your
children it reminds me so much of myself when
i was your age and they were little. it is soooo
important that you do it now.

when they are older, we have to say less and
pray more. :)

i love the mustard see scripture and will recite
it over and over today as i hike to the top of
our tallest mountain!

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