Thursday, November 15, 2012

31 days intentional - day 5

This past Halloween our church hosted its third Trunk or Treat!  The boys had a great time and I'm thrilled to say it wasn't freezing like last year!

wild woman!
spidey getting his candy
love our boys!  our oldest and his best friend did a sports card "shop".  they passed their own cards out to the kids too :)
If you haven't been to a Trunk or Treat before, it is an event usually hosted by a church as an alternative to the usual Halloween trick or treating.  Vehicles are all parked with their "trunks" decorated and then the kids trick or treat at each vehicle.  Our family is blessed to be part of this!  Not only is it a safe alternative to the busy streets but more importantly it is a place where we aren't exposed to the scary and unpleasant items usually associated with the evening.  The best part of it though is the outreach opportunity. 

This is a time when those who may not attend church, bring their children and are treated to free food, hot chocolate (and coffee of course!), more candy, games, bounce houses, face painting...and God's Word. 
bounce house!
the little ones waiting their turn..and seeing who's tallest!

The lovely couple who do the face painting every year are part of CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship). While painting the kiddos faces they are given the opportunity to share the Gospel with the child and the parent.  Other sharing opportunities include welcome packets given to each visitor (and follow up postcards sent to their homes with future church activities), tracts passed out from some vehicles and wonderful trunks getting right to the point in creative, fun ways :)  In this trunk below---inside the red box was the answer to the purple poster ("Come one, come all, come see why Jesus died").  Open the box---and there's a mirror.  For you.  

The best part though is the fellowship.  The meeting of new people and old friends.  Laughter, fun, encouragement...a light in the darkness.
love this great family :)
the big boys at "their" trunk
our spiderman and his cowgirl buddy :)
pick a duck for a prize
When our oldest was little, we weren't sure what to do about the "halloween thing."  Hubby wasn't keen on the idea of us going out to trick or treat nor did we think we should "celebrate" a day that glorifies fear to say the least.  But that first halloween, we found ourselves saying yes to trick or treating for a friend.  A choice we didn't blessed this friend's aching heart.  Then after that we were blessed to have a church alternative, where our boys could dress up and have fun but in a safe and friendly environment bringing honor to the Lord.

and the baby said, "that's all folks!"
A fun night...and then it was bed time! ;)

And now comes Thanksgiving!!! 

Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, ~Hebrews 12:28

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