Monday, January 7, 2008


Awhile ago I had been wondering why we have family. Many of us have our own biological families, others adopted, still others friends and/or church families.

Families are an interesting thing. Many love them, many can't stand them, many desire to be near, others move as far away as possible.

They have a huge impact on who we are. How we think, how we behave or strive not to. What our finances might be, what our beliefs might be, politically, spiritually, morally. Even down to our choice in music, food and dress.

The world tells us that we are a product of our environment. Is this a point. Did God know these people were going to be your parents/family? Yes.

I am a product of my enviornment. Is this who I am now?...No. Is it part of me still? Most of it. However, I've made a choice (by the grace of God only) to seek to find who I am in the Lord. My past and my family have shaped who I am and it is up to me to ask God how to use this to glorify Him, not to dwell in unforgiveness, blame, live in bondage. I want to live free in Christ, and this is what God wants for me and for you. This, for me, is an amazing journey to freedom and healing (but that's another post:) ) Amen!

Family is given to us for a reason though. For all of us it is different and I can't even begin to understand the terrible hurts, fears or anger that is there for many. But I also know that the Lord has not left us. He has a plan and calling on our lives, each one of us. And it is our past that I believe He uses to bring glory to Him in some way or another. In our weakness, He is our strength, He is our rock, our fortress. If He is for you, who can be against you? The Creator of the heavens and earth...of on your side-He is your defender-wow! I think this is even more than we can comprehend, but just the thought can (and should) take your breath away, and hopefully give you peace and trust to rest whatever anxiety, worry, and fear you may have at His feet. Releasing it to Him to take care of and trusting that He will lead you in the way to go. It is this peace that I have been feeling lately, truly that unmistakable, unimaginable peace that only God can give.

So neatly enough, during some prayer time, thinking again about family, I believe the Lord gave me a very fitting picture (I smile, because He knows how I love my coffee and of course I'm a visual person.)

These verses have come to mind:
"You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows."
Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will
dwell in the house of the Lord forever."
-Psalm 23:5-6

"You are my portion, O Lord; I have promised to obey your words.
I have sought your face with all my heart; be gracious to me according to your
-Psalm 119:57-58

What I saw about family was a cup- this is your cup and your portion. This is what I've entrusted into your care. I haven't given you a field of coffee beans to care for; not the coffee roasting factory, not even a bag of coffee...just this cup. Take care of this cup. I saw the cup sometimes full, sometimes half but still there. What I felt was this is my family, this is who I've been entrusted to pray for, this is who I'm responsible for praying for.

I have a unique family, with many different beliefs to say the least. But I must take to heart that I have the privilege of coming to my Lord and asking for His presence in their lives, whether they know Him or not.

Prayer is a gift. It is between you and the Lord and allows you an intimate time with Him, to love and be loved. Your time of prayer for your family, is a gift for them (whether they know or not) and if it is something that is hard for you, this may be a time when the Lord is desiring to come and bring you healing. It is between you and Him only, anything beyond that, the Lord will place upon your heart.

Please understand, what I'm saying is only what the I felt the Lord placed upon my heart for my family. You need to be safe and not place yourself in the wrong situations, and there are seasons for everything.

But I am amazed and grateful for the gift of prayer. There is amazing power in prayer! You are precious to Him and He desires truly to love you and have you experience His freedom, His love, His acceptance, His peace. He is your strength, it is His grace and mercy that washes over don't have to rely on your own strength (don't even try, you can't do it without Him.)

God bless you. May your prayer life be abundant. May you find joy and hope in your heart and in who God created you to be:)

Take care of what the Lord has entrusted to you..your cup."He will wipe every tear from our eyes..." Isaiah 53:4

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Terri said...

This part, the cup not the bean field, just touched my heart so gently. I'm not even aware of how much yet. I'm going to print this part out and tape it in my 'kitchen' ;) The Lord has brought back to me today, while I was writing on another blog comment about my Truth I'm learning, it was my verse for the season which is 1 Tim 6:20A, this verse is all about taking care of what He has trusted us with. So for you to say that in your post about being entrusted with our cup. Not only THAT Bree but I was once told that God has "given me a good portion, a double portion." The only time double portion (that I found) was mentioned in the Bible is with Elijah and Elisha. I'm going to write all this done and do some praying. Thank you so much for being faithful to Him. I know you had this on your heart for a little while but it came in PERFECT time for me:)

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