Sunday, January 6, 2008


It is heavy on my heart for us to pray for this sad, lost, broken and confused young girl...Britney Spears. The Lord will surely use this for good and her as a testimony...but she needs prayer. Prayer for safety and protection; for love, strength and comfort; for peace and quiet and relief from media; grace and mercy from her family; that she would be surrounded with the love of Christ and find encouragement, truth and courage.

A couple of years ago I saw an interview with her and Matt Lauer (I believe she was pregnant with the their second) and she spoke of her and her husband seeing a counselor and going to church...or something of having and seeking faith and God.

I don't know where they were but believe this was a step and I pray that there are seeds there...and the enemy is trying hard to fight that.

Please pray for her, and her ex husband, children and family. God loves His children dearly, and He has placed it in us to lift one another up in prayer, despite who we or they are, despite theirs or our own pasts.

Have a blessed day. May you feel the comfort and strength of the Lord around you and your loved ones. May you thank the Lord for what surrounds you and ask Him for fresh eyes to see situations and others. In Jesus name-Amen

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