Wednesday, January 7, 2009

how exciting!

I'm so excited! For those who know me, I have had a "supposed" school room for four years. It has ALWAYS been a junk room, filled to the brim with books, papers, old bills, and plain ol' stuff! Well, for the first time, I've actually cleaned this room out (just waiting on a small couch that will go in the middle of the wall)! I've always tried before, had precious friends come in and help, even outside help, but it has never progressed to a finished room-a functional room! This time, my precious husband came in and cleared out half of it with the kids (donating and throwing away an atrocious amount of toys) and then he instructed me where I needed to tackle (this is something I needed or else I just stare and shut down!)

So my dear hubby is gone this week for work and I made it my goal to clean it out and finish it by the time he gets back-yay-I finished 2 days before his return! So as wonderful as this is, that I actually completed something, it gets even better! My three precious boys wandered in throughout this evening, finding some toys, playing on the keyboard, helping me put up posters, and then just looking at the posters, asking about presidents, etc. I was in awe that the room was functioning as it was supposed to---I was humbled and thanked the Lord.

We finished our evening by sitting on the floor and reading our posters that have the 10 Commandments, The Lord's Prayer and a great one that has "The 21 Rules of This House". What a blessing! We've been reading God's Word and discussing it for past three nights in the evening and what an amazing gift. This is something we sadly don't do on a regular basis, besides church.

The Lord has been using this time of my hubby being away to continue to work on my heart. He has shown me a huge heart issue of my choices and behaviors and basically what my motivation is behind me making better choices. Generally, the choices are made because my husband keeps me accountable, but him not being here has forced me to make these choices because they are the right choices, not just because "I should." What a revelation! I am SO glad our precious Heavenly Father is so very patient!

So, the rest of the home is in need of cleaning:) Tonight I will finish vanilla cupcakes with blue icing for my sweet oldest who tomorrow will be 8. Time truly does go quickly, you never believe it when someone tells you this when you're in the throws of diapers, sleepless nights, crying and spit-up. But I can say now to those moments, enjoy them while they're there because the little ones become men (in my case!) before you've even finished snuggling. Enjoy the seasons...the Lord has a season for all things and times. Choosing to follow His Word and making sacrificial choices with time...for playtime, school time, outside time or reading time are so worth the effort of earlier rising, cleaning instead of doing a favorite hobby or saying later (not never) to a ministry opportunity, girl's outings etc. This is what He is pressing upon my heart...and I desire to be in His will and seek His peace that He offers to me..and to you too. How precious...a season for all things...and for those we love and to rest in the love of Jesus.

God bless you...


Ruth (the blogger) said...

yay! good job, bree! i'm proud of you. :)

Terri said...

BREE!! The room looks great! What a wonderful thing. Isn't it amazing how quickly we can accomplish something when we let God handle it?! He never ceases to amaze me.

Oh and I'm not jealous!! No matter what my flesh says! LOL

Sarah A. said...

It looks fabulous, Bree! Nice Job. How does the closet look? Perhaps you would like help with it? I am good at closets. (*private wink*)

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