Tuesday, March 23, 2010


-Remembering our little ones..I'm so thankful for this post from "My Letters to Emily" .

-A great calendar for praying for our little ones, and our family..here..  (mine is up on the fridge)...

I love having scripture up on notecards around the house as well.  I love the encouragement, comfort and gentle conviction- His Word is food for our soul!

A gentle reminder--how is your devotional time?  Are you starting your day with Him, asking Him what His plans are for your day, or are you rattling off your to-do list to Him?  He allows enough time for the things that He needs done, if you find yourself without enough time, maybe it is time to reevaluate your commitments or your habits.  Some things the Lord has greatly impressed upon my heart recently are :

1.  Spending time with Him is a priority
2.  Drink decaf when nursing (hee-hee-had to throw that one in there!)
3.  There is a season for everything
4.  And enjoying that season while your in it is a blessing and a place of joy and contentment
5.  Relationships must be nurtured, with our precious Heavenly Father, a spouse, child, friend, neighbor...what would Jesus do?

Hubby also (from his Spiritual Formation class project) was encouraged to develop a spiritual growth plan that he has shared with me:

-Assessment of your current spiritual condition
-Identification of specific target areas of growth
-Identify specific steps for growth
-Identify an accountability plan
-Anticipated result from growth plan

"Seek my face" in the Bible: 2 Chronicles 7:14 

"Seeking the face of God means to actively look for God in all aspects of life. We are to humble ourselves, to pray and to turn away from our wicked ways in our pursuit of God's face. Through this we will be forgiven." 

Praying for you friends...God bless you!

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myletterstoemily said...

hi bree!

thank you for linking to me.
praying the scriptures is
really just the easiest way
to pray.

i love all your little admoni-
tions, especially 'decaf' for
the nursing moms. :)

you have such a sweet heart.

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