Saturday, January 29, 2011

reading... her most amazing and humble words, she writes this here...

"We don't see the material world for what it is meant to be:  as the the means to communion with God."
"...communion with God..."  

Life pulls at us from every direction: children, marriage, church, school, home, work, friends, ministry, finances, meals, family, our own desires, our own insecurities and struggles...the list goes on.

But He gives us a glimpse when we can slow down just for a minute and reminds us, is only about Him.

He isn't another space on the calendar, another check box on the to-do-list, another Bible study or Sunday School class...this isn't the only place we should meet Him.

He is our everyday. Our every moment.  Our fill.  Our Hope.  Our home.  He makes us complete.

We search and search for "our purpose", our calling, our destiny to fulfill...and it sits in front of us, He sits before us, resides in us,
...we are to love and be loved by our commune with God...

Humbling, isn't it?

Praying for you, may you be encouraged in His word, find love in His care, and be encouraged in the knowledge that you have been created with purpose and utmost love, He hears your heart and rejoices and weeps with you.  You are His, created to love and be loved by Him...

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31

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