Wednesday, October 9, 2013

day 26

A couple of weeks ago my hubby surprised me with an impromptu send off to have my hair done and a pedicure.  Such an amazing sweet treat!  I'm not one to do these things on a regular basis, much less an annual basis so this was a pretty big deal.  Off I went, hair was trimmed...apparently that meant 5 inches but in the girl's defense I told her to cut what needed to be cut. ;) Then I ventured to the shop next door and stared at the huge board of manicure, pedicure options...really?  I have a hard time spending money on myself with things like nails, hair, even clothes when they're more than $10 (yes, I know that spending money on quality items last a whole lot longer than the "junk" that's $10...a work in progress here.)  But, the money I was "instructed" to use on my nails I was so grateful for.  This precious older woman blessed me.  She served me... by simply doing her job.  She didn't have the attitude of me being one more person and getting her work done.  She didn't rush with carelessness.  She quietly took a tired mama's feet, washed them, cared for them and made them lovely...with the pretty red sparkly color this boys' mom picked.  She blessed me and I was humbled at her grace.  I prayed for her as I sat there, not knowing her life...and thanked my Father for the precious gift.  It is a humbling thought...Jesus washed his disciples feet.  He humbled himself for us.  To stoop down, leaving the Father's side and entering into a broken, cruel and ugly world...that would reject and kill him.  But this was His plan.  To die for His creation, that we'd be reconciled back to Him.  To have a place in His book.  To have life.
And here on earth...hope, peace, comfort...not a promise of easy times.  But a promise of Him and the life that He gives to those who were once dead in their transgressions, cold and alone in the dark recesses of their (my) own heart.  Seeking self. And then He calls and our heart seeks...truth, love, forgiveness, peace, healing and a joy that is supernatural, overwhelming as it rivers.

This...why tears run from my eyes when taking communion...breaking bread in remembrance of Him as He has instructed us to do.  That He would invite me to His table.  As the woman washed her Savior's feet, wiping it with her hair and the finest perfume. A love that overwhelmed her heart I can only imagine, she did only what she knew she could to lavish love, regardless of what the world said.  A love for the love that fills and covers, heals, mends, restores, brings life.  Life bought with his death on the cross.  His blood for ours. His life for ours. His resurrection for us. It is breath-taking.

Praying you may know His sweet, strong and amazing grace and greater gift is ever offered...and He offers it freely to you.  How? Believe...

John 3:16
For God So Loved the World ] “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

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